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Establishment and Objectives

 Over the past four or five decades, small and medium enterprises in Taiwan, along with the country's economic development, have thrived. Small and medium enterprises are an important cornerstone for the sustainable development of our economy. However, they are facing a serious shortage of funds, lack of manpower, lack of technical research and development capabilities. In particular, newly created technology-intensive businesses, or traditional labor-intensive small businesses face the problem of being too small with inadequate working conditions. Therefore, small and medium enterprises seeking to move towards economic liberalization and international trends, and effectively expand their working environment and premises are unable to solve difficult problems through an internal growth model, and require an external growth model drawing on the social capital provided by the economic environment; taking advantage of the resources within the system. Thus, the creation of institutions of knowledge is the main source of external growth such enterprises rely on.

 Knowledge is at the heart of the modern economy: knowledge creation, access, transfer and accumulation are vital for economic enterprises; they are the fundamental means for research and technology. Using this kind of R & D and application, academic institutions and business institutions have each developed their own areas of expertise, but also have areas where they lack expertise and knowledge. Rapid advances in knowledge in the past labor-intensive era and the gap created between application and development did not bring about immediate damage to business institutions. However, nowadays the tenfold rate of change and competition in the knowledge-based economy is a major challenge for business continuity.

  Therefore, reconciling the huge difference between R & D and application has become a key factor with modern business organizations to maintain and enhance competitiveness; the Tunghai Innovation Incubation Center was formally established with the goal of reducing the gap. We believe the establishment of this center can effectively combine research resources and practical technology to meet the country's economic development policies, contribute to industrial upgrading in the central region of Taiwan, and become a successful incubator of new ventures. Tunghai University actively promotes academic research; encouraging full-time teachers engaged in basic and applied research through the implementation of a program to improve academic research and standards. At the same time, through the implementation of cooperative education research projects have increased interaction with the community.

Cultivation Content

Cultivation Targets
   Integration of university departments and research center teachers, counseling and service infrastructure that provides both domestic and overseas small and medium sized businesses with an innovative research and development environment. Through the integration of cultivation operations, the center aspires to promote technical exchanges and cooperation between industry, government and the academic community; thus, promote regional industrial development and enhance the overall strength of industry. The innovation Incubation Center with the cultural creativity of biotechnology, nanotechnology, software engineering, technical and industrial automation, industrial design and management consultants at its core works in conjunction with the strategic alliance to provide integrated service capabilities to meet small and medium businesses’ requirements.

Incubation Center Resources

 In addition to the school faculty research groups, the school has also set up department-level research centers and institutions comprising of the Life Science Research Center、Center for Nano science and TechnologySoftware Engineering & TechnologyIndustrial Automation Research CenterCenter of Precision InstrumentsCenter for Tropical Ecology and BiodiversityCenter for the Research of Banking and FinanceSMEs Training CenterInstitute of East Asian Societies and EconomiesResearch Center of Urban Planning and Regional DevelopmentArchitecture Research CenterAgricultural Extension CenterInstitute of Continuing Education. Every center is well-equipped to provide new business enterprises with specialized assistance and expertise.

  Currently the university comprises of nine colleges: The College of Arts, College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Social Science, College of Agriculture, College of Fine Arts and Creative Design and the College of Law, which together have a collective thirty-five academic departments, thirty-five Master’s degree Programs, fourteen PhD programs, approximately five hundred full-time teachers, seventeen thousand students, all functioning together as a fully integrated interdisciplinary university.


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Dr. Chang-chi Hsieh

In Charge of the center of R&D


Ms. Anita Chen

Industry-Academia Collaboration 
Provide information and consultative services on starting an enterprise
Center Operation Management


Ms. Yuan-Jen Lin

Industry-Academia Collaboration
Provide information and consultative service on starting an enterprise
Projects of Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Ms. Chia-Chia,Chuang

Patent Right
Technology Transfer
Intellectual Property Rights.


Mr. Wen-Guo,Lin

Industry-Academia Collaboration
Network Platform Operations
Operating Crea-Neration Cluster 
Execute Established & Graduated Company Management.